Window Styles & Options

“YES – We Can Replace That Window”

We Have A Very Wide Selection Of Styles, Options, and Window Types
For Southeast Michigan Homeowners

Here’s one thing you’ll almost NEVER hear us say at Performance Remodeling: “We can’t do that.” 

It’s in our DNA to have the most choices of any Southeast Michigan replacement window company, and that includes window styles, color options, customizations, glass packages, and more.

We always want to get you the right windows for you and your home.

Window Styles


Most common window style. These windows have two sashes and one or both sashes which slide vertically. Good for bedrooms, dens, kitchens, and family rooms.


Two sash windows and one or both sashes slide horizontally. These are also good for bedrooms, kitchen, dens, family rooms and in combination with other window styles.


This window in hinged on just one side and can be opened using a crank as far as 90 degrees. Good for bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms and in combination with larger windows.


Windows hinged at the top and can swing out for ventilation. Good for bathrooms or to combine with larger windows.


Fixed windows with no moving parts. Perfect for custom situations because they can be created to any geometric shape desired. Good for entry ways, living rooms and in combination with larger windows.


Bay - Large center window that is fixed with 2 windows at an angle to the building. Usually, the side windows are casement or vertical sliders.

Bow - At least four windows combined to create a radius. Usually casement windows or vertical sliders.

Unlimited color choices are available – literally!

We work with one manufacturer who will take any color swatch that we provide and will custom build windows in that color for your home. 

Please note that not every window line we carry will be available in every color, but we are very skilled at helping you find the replacement windows that match your tastes, budget, and style.

You can invest more to get glass packages to enhance energy efficiency to whatever level you prefer.

Note: Every window Performance Remodeling installs is energy efficient – we believe that installing inefficient windows would be a disservice to our customers because of how much money it will lose them in the long run.

Different window manufacturers have different options when it comes to hardware and security features. Our depth of knowledge is one of the advantages of calling us for a free consultation. We can clearly lay out your options and explain the features you may want.

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