Window Installation

We Can Explain Our Window Installation Policy In Two Words…


When it comes to installing replacement windows on residential homes in Southeast Michigan, you need a company 100% committed to DOING THE JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

A window company that won’t skimp by using inferior materials. A window company that refuses to do sloppy or rushed work. A window company that would NEVER say ‘that’s good enough, and the homeowner will never know anyway.’ 

In other words, you want a replacement window company that absolutely refuses to take shortcuts.

At Performance Remodeling, we insist all our replacement window installers do the job right the first time. We do this for two very good reasons.

One, it’s just the right way to do business – we sleep better at night.

Two, we COULDN’T AFFORD to do it any other way. Here’s why: we have a Lifetime Guarantee on every single window we install, and that includes a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship.

If we did sloppy work, we would soon be drowning in service calls to come back and fix problems for free. With a Lifetime Guarantee we have no choice but to do absolutely top-quality installation. 

Now, of course, we’ll never claim to be perfect – no company is. And in the rare case something does go wrong, we FULLY stand behind our workmanship and we fix it – PERIOD. 

But we do have to get it right the first time 99% of the time, or we wouldn’t be able to stay in business.

A Real World Example Of How Our Replacement Window Installation Is Better

At Performance Remodeling, the details DO matter to us. Even the ones you can’t see.

For example, windows need insulation around them when they are installed. Many Southeast Michigan window companies choose to use ordinary fiberglass insulation around window installations (you probably know it as “the pink stuff”).

Other companies choose to use foam insulation (which is better than “the pink stuff”). But the problem is they used ordinary foam insulation, which can expand too much and end up impeding the operation of your new windows.

Here’s what we do: we use foam insulation that is specifically made for windows – foam with low expansion properties but high R-Value (R-Value is a measure of how good the insulation is).

Now this is a small detail. One that most homeowners would never know about, but to us the details matter.

The truth is it only costs a bit more per window to do it right, but not a lot of window companies do it this way.  We choose to do it.

If you want to see a quick video about this, watch this short clip:

The Person That Measures Your Windows Will Also Install Them (And Why That Matters)

Something else that makes us different from most window companies: we send the same person to measure your windows that will later install them.

Here’s are the benefits of doing it this way:

  • Your installer will be able to see for himself any special requirements of the project. 
  • You’ll meet your installer so you can feel more comfortable with them and share anything that you want him to be aware of. 
  • Your installer will be able to see the full scope of the job and know exactly what he will need for the job and if he will need any assistance from a fellow Performance team member.
  • Your installer has an extra layer of accountability – it’s his project from start to finish.

Most window companies don’t do this. Instead they have separate people doing the jobs. The accountability goes way down and the chances for mistakes and miscommunication go way up.

More Highlights Of Our Replacement Window Installation

  • We are a big enough company that we can match the right crew with the right job. When you have as much experience as we do (TENS OF THOUSANDS OF WINDOWS INSTALLED!), we know exactly how to do that.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured. (If you hire a company that is not properly and adequately insured, any accidents that occur on your property could end up being your liability).
  • We only hire legal workers so as not to exploit the workers themselves. This also protects you and us from having to worry about any legal or insurance implications of undocumented workers should an accident occur.
  • Our Lifetime Guarantee covers workmanship for as long as you’re in your home. (And can be transferred one time should you move). That means we have a very strong incentive to get the job done right the first time – we can’t afford to keep coming back!
  • We’re a family-owned and operated company and our reputation as a strong local company is very important to us. The owner wants to hear from you if you have any concerns.

Do we sound like your kind of window company? For a free consultation and quote on residential replacement windows in the Southeast Michigan area, reach out to us.