Window Guarantee

Our Windows Are Lifetime Windows – GUARANTEED.

Our Guarantee Is MUCH BETTER Than Limited “Lifetime” Warranties That Are Overloaded With Fine Print & Exclusions

If you invest your hard-earned money on new replacement windows, you shouldn’t ever have to worry that you’ll have to spend another dime on your windows.

For peace of mind, you deserve a 100% Lifetime Window GUARANTEE – not just a “limited lifetime warranty” that is often pro-rated and weighed down with tons of fine print and loopholes.

Here’s Our Lifetime Guarantee On Every Window We Install:

For as long as you live in your home, you’ll never have to pay another penny on the replacement windows we install. There will never be any charge to correct or replace a defective window or window part and there will also be no labor costs associated with any fix or replacement.

(The only exceptions to this guarantee would be damage you inflict to the product or ‘Act of God’ storm-type damage – the kind of damage that is typically covered by your homeowners insurance).

This Lifetime Window Guarantee will be in effect for as long as Performance Remodeling is in business. Keep in mind that we have been in business for well over a decade, are financially stable, and plan on being in business for a long time!

Please note one additional benefit: should you sell your home, you’re entitled to a one-time transfer to the new owner.

Now Compare Our Lifetime Window Guarantee To Typical Lifetime Window Warranties…

With many so called “lifetime” window warranties, the bold print giveth… and the fine print taketh away.

Roof Skylight Window Leaking

Things to WATCH OUT for with Lifetime Window Warranties:

This part is covered… but this part is not.

A window company says it has a Lifetime Warranty, but then you find out the percentage of repair or replacement that will be covered declines over time. Many times you are left with very little coverage after a few years.

The window industry has a lot of contractor turnover, and this can apply to manufacturers, too. A warranty is only as good and reliable as the manufacturers and contractors that stands behind it.

Often times, if the window company that installed your windows is not willing to stand behind a warranty, you’re going to be out of luck no matter what it says on paper. That’s because the manufacturer will say the window wasn’t installed correctly, and the contractor will say it’s a product defect. The homeowner is stuck in the middle while everyone else plays the “blame game.”

There’s a reason so many of these warranties are called a LIMITED Lifetime Warranty… because they’re so limited!

Problem Solved: Choose A Southeast Michigan Window Company With A REAL GUARANTEE (Not Just A Warranty).

You can eliminate all these worries by choosing a replacement window company that stands fully behind every product we install, covering both the product itself and the workmanship. That’s Performance Remodeling – we’ve got the strongest window guarantee possible!

Ready for a window replacement quote in Southeast Michigan? Reach out to us!