Window FAQs

Replacement Windows FAQs

A: We recommend finding a SE Michigan & Metro Detroit window company that carries a wide range of windows

Many window installation contractors decide to sell one particular line of windows and sell it to the exclusion of all other window choices. This forces them to be totally subjective and say that the window they want to sell you is the best for you – even if it isn’t the right one for your situation.

We do things differently.

We sell and install a wide range of windows of different materials from different manufacturers. This way we can give you pros and cons of each window objectively, and then you can decide if it is the best replacement window for YOU.

Want more information? Visit our Choosing Replacement Windows page.

A: Those $189 windows aren’t really $189 windows. Once the salesperson comes to your home, they’ll explain that to make the window even close to acceptable, you’ll be needing a number of “upgrades.” Typically, this drives the price of the window up hundreds of more dollars – and it still won’t be a very good window.

This type of ‘bait-and-switch’ advertising combined with pressure sales tactics can make homeowners relent to bad decisions Avoid these tactics by reaching out to us for an honest and exact quote. Go here to schedule your free quote.

A: The quotes we give our exact and precise – you can trust them to be 100% accurate. Go here to schedule an appointment to get a free quote that you can rely on.

A: Yes.

And not for just a few months.

And not for just a few years.

Our workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you’re in your home. (And our guarantee is also transferable one-time to another owner should you sell your home).

For more information on this Lifetime Guarantee, visit our Window Guarantee page.

A: Many windows come with what is often called a “Limited Lifetime Warranty.” 

The problem is that warranties come with a LOT of fine print, and all that fine print means there are a lot of loopholes, exclusions, and declining coverage over time.

We eliminate all those problems with our Lifetime Guarantee: Our Guarantee covers every part and aspect of the window AND all our workmanship for as long as you’re in your home. (And it can also be transferred one time to a new owner).

It’s real coverages and true peace of mind.

A: Since 2006. This is important because while the majority of window contractors are out of business in 5 years or less, we’ve been at this for well over a decade. We’re a rock-solid, financially stable company that is family-run and locally owned, and we continue to grow.

A: We are a fully accredited business with the BBB and always maintain their highest rating: A+. You should also check out our online reviews – we’ve got a great track record. We have 200+ ratings on Google Reviews, and the overwhelming majority our for 5-stars.

A: Yes. One advantage to dealing with us is we have several financial partners, both locally and nationally, so we can offer you different options customized to your situation. 

For more details, please visit our Financing page.

A: The short version is that fiberglass is a better choice when you do a head-to-head comparison with vinyl replacement windows. They’re stronger, more attractive, and more durable.

Want the longer version? Visit our Fiberglass Vs Vinyl Windows page.