Fiberglass Vs. Vinyl Windows

Fiberglass Windows Vs Vinyl Windows:
What’s The Best Long-Term Value In SE Michigan?

For Efficiency, Strength & Beauty,
The ‘Hands Down’ Winner Is Fiberglass

Southeast Michigan homeowners often ask us what’s the best choice for replacement window materials:

Is it fiberglass or vinyl?

Based on decades of experience, the answer is clear: fiberglass is the clear winner in all the key areas. It’s stronger, more beautiful, more durable, and more energy efficient.

Quick Comparison Guide For Southeast Michigan Homeowners: Fiberglass Vs Vinyl Replacement Windows

FIBERGLASS: Rivals the look of beautiful wood windows but without all the maintenance. The corners of windows are very well crafted and appear tight & clean.

VINYL: Many cheaper options have a “plastic” look, and the welded corners can appear messy. There are definitely some attractive vinyl choices, but even the best can’t match the attractiveness of top-quality fiberglass windows.

FIBERGLASS: The thermal expansion rate of fiberglass material is roughly the same as glass. This means a tight seal is maintained between the glass and the frame.

VINYL: There’s too much thermal expansion with vinyl as temperatures get very hot or very cold. This means the seal of the glass to the vinyl frame is under stress a lot, and it’s why gaps and leaks develop. That’s when you see trapped moisture and “foggy” windows in old vinyl windows. Vinyl is not the best replacement window choice for a climate of temperature extremes like southeast Michigan.

FIBERGLASS: These window frames will not chalk, peel, or fade – EVER.

VINYL: Some vinyl windows, especially ones that use recycled vinyl, are likely to chalk, peel, or fade.

FIBERGLASS: Fiberglass is 8 times stronger than vinyl. This means frames can be thinner without sacrificing strength. Less Frame = More Glass.

VINYL: A weaker material, so it requires more frame to handle the weight of the glass. Less Glass = Less Light In Your Home.

FIBERGLASS: With the right glass package, these windows are very energy efficient.

VINYL: Energy efficient options available, but buyer beware. Some cheap versions with hollow vinyl frames are less efficient than they should be.

Bottom Line: Vinyl Windows Are Cheaper, But Fiberglass Windows Are The Better Overall Value.

Beautiful Picture Window in Living Room

Common Questions About Replacement Window Materials:

A: Wood windows are an option, and some of them are very beautiful. The major problem with wood replacement windows are that they require a lot of maintenance. Even when properly maintained, they are still subject to warping and can easily be infested with critters.

In our opinion, there’s no reason to worry about all the maintenance of wood windows when there are fiberglass replacement windows that are just as beautiful.

A: Absolutely not. There are many high-quality vinyl replacement windows on the market – we know because we sell and install them.

Here’s what we ARE saying: in a head-to-head comparison based on long-term value, we believe that fiberglass windows are simply better than vinyl.

A: Yes, we also offer windows with aluminum clad exteriors and wood interiors. This is a very high-quality choice – it’s another example of how we have a full range of options to meet every situation.

A: One of our fundamental principles at Performance Remodeling is that we don’t push our customers into ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, because we don’t believe there is one product style or type that can meet every situation. Customers have unique needs, tastes, budgets, and ideas, and we respect that.

If you want real choice and objective information about your replacement window options, we’ll give it to you straight.

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