Siding Installation

Our Siding Installation Is WAY Better Than Most… And We Can PROVE It.

Truly Professional Siding Installation In SE Michigan & Metro Detroit

When it comes to installing replacement siding, the truth is that most SE Michigan & Metro Detroit siding installation companies do a mediocre job (or sometimes worse!).

But the problem is homeowners don’t know that, and no one ever educates them on how to tell one siding installation company from another.

So, instead of just telling you we have top-notch installation, we want to tell you some ways that our installation is truly different.

A Specific Example Of How Our Replacement Siding Installation Is Better

Here’s an example of how we pay attention to the details of your siding installation.

When we install trim pieces on a siding project, we take the extra step of first pre-drilling a hole through the aluminum trim, and then we hang it on a nail. This is the correct way and the way we do it.

Most siding installers skip the step of a pre-drilled hole and simply drive the nail through the trim directly. Instead of hanging easily and properly on the nail, the trim is “pinched” by the nail being driven directly through it. This causes dimpling and other issues. 

Want To Understand This Better? Watch This Short Video:

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This is just one example of our most important siding installation rule: NEVER TAKE SHORTCUTS.

A Specific Example Of How Our Replacement Siding Installation Is Better

We think we owe it to our customers to pay attention to every part of their job – not just the installation work itself, but also everything that goes on around it.

For example, most SE Michigan siding companies will simply drop a dumpster in front of your home and leave it there for the entire project. With many siding jobs taking about a week, that’s a big, ugly, inconvenient container at your home for days.

We’ve invested in trailers that still allow us to clean up the job site each day, but without a huge dumpster potentially damaging your driveway or yard.  Instead of a big eyesore, we remove all debris to a neat, self-contained trailer that does no damage to your property.

Is this a big deal? For the actual installation, maybe not – but most of our customers tell us they LOVE it.

Not just because their house doesn’t become the neighborhood eyesore… but because it is another way we say, “you chose Performance Remodeling, and we owe you a caring, totally professional experience where we carefully consider EVERY detail.”

Do we sound like your kind of company? Why not call for a free siding analysis and precise quote?

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Some SE Michigan & Metro Detroit give you a ‘taillight’ workmanship guarantee – their installation workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you can see their taillight as they pull away from the job!

While most contractor’s workmanship warranty may not be quite that bad, the truth is most will not stand behind their workmanship for a lifetime. 

Performance Remodeling does. 

For as long as you’re in your home, we guarantee our workmanship and products for a lifetime – and that’s transferable one-time to a new owner.

It’s true peace of mind that the money you’re investing for replacement siding is a guaranteed lifetime solution.

Do you want a Southeast Michigan siding company that stands behind its work and has a proven reputation as a stable, fully licensed and insured contractor? That’s us – get your free consultation and quote scheduled now.