Siding FAQs

Replacement Siding FAQs

A: The best material is James Hardie fiber cement siding. It’s stunningly beautiful, and also very durable. If you want to invest in the very best, James Hardie is what you want. (It also meets the requirements in places where a homeowners association doesn’t allow vinyl siding).

That said, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for every home in SE Michigan.

That’s why we also offer vinyl siding. We don’t sell or install inferior cheap vinyl siding, so you can feel confident that your new siding will have a rich appearance, and be lifetime durable with virtually no maintenance requirements.

If you’re not sure of what kind of siding would best suit your budget and your tastes, Performance Remodeling is a great company to call. Many SE Michigan siding companies will sell only one type of siding, but we give several options, so we can provide you objective pros and cons on different options.

For more on our siding choices, please visit our How To Choose Siding page.

A:  We can’t promise the “cheapest” quote, but we will have the quote that gives you the best value. 

The reason some siding contractors in the Metro Detroit area can offer a ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ quote is because they choose to cut corners – something we can’t and won’t do.

For example, some siding installation companies will hire cheap, temporary workers who don’t specialize in siding. That saves them some money, but it can end up being a big problem for your siding installation. We pay our guys more because we expect elite-quality installation work.

Other things companies do to give ultra-cheap quotes: installing inferior materials, being inadequately insured, and not having a service department to handle problems. All that saves them money but leaves the homeowner vulnerable.

We won’t cut those corners because that is a poor long-term value for our customers. We also wouldn’t be able to stay in business if we cut corners. With our Lifetime Guarantee, we would quickly be overwhelmed if we had to spend all our time following up on poor installations and defective products.

Go here to schedule your free replacement siding quote.

A: Actually, what we have is much better than they typical Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

We have a Lifetime Guarantee. 

This guarantee covers both the workmanship and the siding product for as long as you’re in your home. (And our guarantee is also transferable one-time to another owner should you sell your home).

For more information on this Lifetime Guarantee, visit our Siding Guarantee page.

A: Yes, we are.

This is a good question, and one you should ask any Metro Detroit siding company you are considering. Without proper insurance, the liability for a worker accident can fall on you and your homeowners insurance.

A: We’ve been around for 14+ years. It’s an important question, because the majority of siding contractors are out of business in 5 years or less.

This means that if you choose a siding company in SE Michigan that has less than a decade in business, there’s a good chance they won’t be there if you need them if you have a problem down the road.

With Performance Remodeling, you’re choosing a rock-solid, financially stable company that is family-run and locally owned. We have a full-time service department and are here when you need us.

A: We’re pleased to say that we maintain an A+ rating and are fully accredited with the BBB. Here are a few other things you should know about us:

  • We have 200+ ratings on Google Reviews, and the overwhelming majority are for 5-stars.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured, and we have earned several manufacturer certifications because of our quality installation standards.
  • We’re involved in the community, including charity work and membership in many local business organizations.

In short: we’re the exact opposite of a ‘fly-by-night’ contractor!

A: Yes. In fact, if you are considering financing your project, we are a great fit because we have several financial partners, both locally and nationally. Our reputation as a growing, financially stable home improvement company means we can offer you more financing options than typical contractors. 

For more details, please visit our Financing page.