How To Choose Siding

How To Make Choosing Replacement Siding Easy

With Us, SE Michigan & Detroit Homeowners Can Select The Siding Material That Best Meets Their Needs

Shopping for siding can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

And the truth is most SE Michigan & Metro Detroit siding companies don’t help.

That’s because many of them choose to only install one kind of siding material. They’ll hype that choice – even if it doesn’t match your needs and budget – because it’s all they have to sell.

We do it differently. We have a full selection of siding materials and accent and trim options. 

That means instead of pushing one particular product and material, we can objectively share with you the pros and cons of different types of siding. And we can recommend what we truly believe is best for you based on your goals for your siding project.

Green Siding and Stone Combo on Shelby Township Home

Four Questions To Ask Any SE Michigan Siding Company Before Hiring Them

This is actually fairly easy to figure out. If the company is only offering one siding material, then they are going to be forced to try to convince you it’s the only right choice for you. 

If you want a premium siding (like James Hardie), and they only have vinyl siding options, you’re out of luck.

Same goes the other way: if you’d prefer a lower priced option and they only have premium priced products, you won’t hear about other options.

With Performance Remodeling, we will truly educate you on your options and give you our best professional recommendation – all tailored to your specific situation.

At Performance Remodeling, we only recommend siding products from PROVEN manufacturers. 

One of the main reasons we do this is because we MUST install best-quality siding products because we give a Lifetime Guarantee on every siding project. With a guarantee like that, we can only install products we know and trust. 

That’s why we do business with companies like:

  • James Hardie – Widely known and respected as the premium name in siding in the U.S.
  • PlyGem – The #1 vinyl siding company in America
  • CertainTeed – a manufacturer with a track record going back more than a century!

For more about fiber cement siding, please visit our James Hardie Siding page.

For more about vinyl siding, please visit our Vinyl Siding page.

When it comes to who will actually install your siding, it’s a good idea to get real facts. Things to look for:

  • Elite certifications from top manufacturers. 
  • Will they put an ugly-looking dumpster in front of your house during the project? (We have a better solution).
  • Do they have experienced installers that are true experts on siding, or do they have temporary laborers who jump from job to job?

Performance Remodeling has earned the highest certifications from several top siding manufacturers, including Elite Preferred Contractor status from James Hardie and Elite Vinyl Siding Installer status from PlyGem.

We also have daily clean-up of the job site and have built a high-quality installation team. To discover more about this, please visit our Siding Installation page.

Any siding company can say they have “good service” and “quality products.”

But those aren’t facts – they’re vague claims. To find the right Metro Detroit area siding company, look for facts. Here’s what to know about Performance Remodeling:

  •  A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Over a decade in the business as a financially stable business, with proper licensing and insurance
  • Hundreds of online reviews from our customers, the overwhelming majority of which are 5-stars (including 200+ Google Reviews!)
  • We’re a company that has grown steadily because of happy repeat customers and tons of enthusiastic referrals – 1 out of every 3 jobs we do is a referral or a repeat customer!
  • We give a true Lifetime Guarantee that is far superior when compared to the typical ‘Lifetime Warranty’

Siding Choices Include:

  • James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding
  • PlyGem Vinyl Siding
  • CertainTeed Vinyl Siding
  • Stone Accent Siding By StoneCraft
  • Lots of Trim Options

Get in touch with us for a free siding analysis and we can educate you on all your options during a friendly consultation.