Our Siding Choices Will Totally Transform Your Home’s Appearance

We’re A Reliable, Experienced Siding Company In SE Michigan
& Metro Detroit That Has A REAL Lifetime Guarantee

If you’re a homeowner in the Metro Detroit area, we’re guessing you want 3 main things:

  • One, a beautiful transformation of your home… AND…
  • Two, a reliable installation from a proven company… AND…
  • Three, a Lifetime Guarantee that doesn’t have all the fine print and exclusions of most warranties.

If this is what you want, welcome to Performance Remodeling: we can confidently promise all three.

Hardieplank Style Siding in Michigan

Real Choices And A Real Guarantee

Many SE Michigan siding companies decide to carry one kind of siding material only – they won’t be offering you any other choices.

You won’t hear pros and cons of different siding materials from these companies: they’ll hype their preferred product and trash talk all other siding materials.

We take a different approach.

  • If you want James Hardie Siding, we have it (and we’re an Elite Preferred Contractor).
  • If you want vinyl siding, we have that option, too. (and we’re certified as an Elite Vinyl Installer).
  • If you’re not sure what you want, we can educate you on your options and let you decide what’s best for you. We don’t push you into something you don’t want!

In addition to real choice, we also have a real Lifetime Guarantee.

For as long as you’re in your home, we guarantee both our workmanship and the siding product. This is also transferable one time to a new owner. For details, please visit our Siding Guarantee page.

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