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Welcome fellow Shelby Township, MI homeowners who we haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting. We’re Performance Remodeling, and we’ve been in this amazing place with its astounding local and national heritage, for closing in on twenty years now.

Like so many other great localities in America, the Shelby Township community really cares about our homes and how they reflect the area.

Hence, why we created this page, so you can get to know us a bit better and learn some of the basics of what we have to offer you before taking the next step.

We’re You’re Go-To Choice for Exterior Remodeling Services in Shelby Township, MI

Performance Remodeling is different on purpose. We’re NOT trying to be the conventional contractor, or offer you the same old remodeling experience you can find pretty much anywhere around the country. 


Well, because frankly speaking, on the national level it’s one of the industries that gets THE MOST consumer complaints. 

Here’s three quick ways we strive to set ourselves apart, then we can jump into some quick Q & A from across our different services. 

  • Ratings & Reviews – Along with our steady A+ rating with the BBB, we’ve racked up hundreds and hundreds of genuine reviews from people just like you. 
  • Custom Solutions – Our work isn’t cookie cutter. We don’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we base our work on your specific home, tastes, and budget. 
  • Real Guarantees – We stand behind everything, every detail and every product we install on your home for as long as we remain a company, period. You can learn more about our Real Lifetime Guarantee here.

5 Exterior Remodeling Services Questions For Shelby Township Homeowners:

Absolutely. Not only do we have financing partners we know and work with regularly on the national level, but locally as well. This means it’s highly likely you’ll get a nice range of options.

 At Performance Remodeling we specialize in James Hardie fiber cement siding because it’s the best. And our work is guaranteed for life (one-time transferable to a new owner).

Rather than specializing in only one kind of window, or only installing one specific manufacturer, we offer you a wide range of both to find the absolute best personalized solution.

We have three packages - the first relies on treated lumber and/or cedar, the second uses Trex composite, and the third uses next-gen Deckorators mineral composites.

Any quote you receive from Performance Remodeling is going to be professional, data-backed, and designed to be ‘down to the penny’ precise. No guesstimations. No estimates.

Our Seasoned Performance Remodeling Process is Smooth & Effective

It begins when you decide to contact our initial customer service staff. Their job is to greet you in a friendly way, get your basic information down and schedule you to meet with the right consultant based on your needs. 

Our consultants aren’t orientated towards sales. In fact, they don’t actually receive sales training. Their job is to first and foremost professionally inspect areas of concern then LISTEN to you, while considering budgeting and financial constraints. 

We train consultants on how to educate you concerning your options working with great materials and manufacturers, and then to provide a completely solid quote. Period. No pressure sales or marketing gimmicks whatsoever. 

Once work begins you’ll enjoy clear and open communication, step-by-step accommodations wherever needed, professional service and top-notch results. While there’s definitely more to it than that, that’s our basic smooth & effective process.

Our Full-Range Exterior Remodeling Services in Shelby Township, MI