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Hi there, are you a Plymouth, MI homeowner in search of an exterior remodeling company or contractor in the area, who knows the area, who can help with a project or two? We’re Performance Remodeling, in Michigan for close to twenty years, and we greatly appreciate your consideration. 

This is an amazing place, where the people are tough and proud of the unique history and heritage of Plymouth, MI – it’s so much more than just a place named after one of the original English settlements of the continent.

Let’s help you get to know us better, see what we’re offering, and then you can reach out and contact us to take things to the next step. 

We’ll start with a quick Q & A session that covers some basic questions from across our services. 

5 Important Questions (And Our Answers) To Ask Exterior Remodelers Before Hiring

While it would’ve been nice to make this 30 questions instead of 5 with nifty expandable elements on the page, that seemed a bit excessive. Again, if you think of anything you would like to ask us in person, don’t hesitate to call. 

Because of the sheer number of available decking accessories these days, our decking consultants come in handy. A few of the common options include - special pea gravel, lighting options, stone accents, bench seating, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, multi-tier decking, rail options, and more.

Great question. Any exterior remodeling quote you receive from Performance Remodeling will be extremely professional, thorough, line-by-line exact, and ‘to the penny’ accurate. This is a big part of why our reputation is stellar, because we do NOT play games with quotes.

Roofing installation is 99% science, and 1% art. Our approach is defined by an ‘EVERY detail matters’ ethos that we stick to. We’re also fully licenced, insured, and certified; don’t rely on temp unskilled labor, clean up meticulously, and we FULLY guarantee our roofs.

Yes, they aren’t actually trained in sales, but how to smoothly, pleasantly, and respectfully educate you. Not just on the core materials but special styles, glass packages, colors, security features, hardware options and more. The process typically doesn’t take very long.

Frankly, it’s the trust factor. We’re well established in the SE Michigan & Metro Detroit area, have a very visible and transparent reputation with hundreds and hundreds of reviews, and it won’t take you long to see for yourself that we really do offer lifetime guarantees on our work.

Our Process Has Almost Two Decades of ‘Trial By Fire’ - It’s Smooth & Seamless

It’s true, when Performance Remodeling began our story was similar to other ‘A few people and a pickup truck’ stories. And we knew we needed to be different, which wasn’t hard – just offer more choices, more educated consultations, guarantee your installs for life, and produce great results. 

Generally speaking, our process is similar to the logical approach to exterior remodeling – consult, quote, get work done, follow up, etc. However, the details and our people are the difference. One example is the fact we don’t train in sales, just an industry-specific form of education. 

You don’t need someone to try and sell or pressure you into something. You just need professionals who can expertly show you the options you have at your disposal, navigate them through a ‘pro & con’ approach, then give you both a quote and a plan of action to reach your goals on time and on budget. 

From there our hard work, workmanship, and results do all the talking.

That’s what we’re here for. 

Our Full-Range Exterior Remodeling Services in Plymouth, MI

If you’re a Plymouth, MI homeowner, Performance Remodeling is a risk-free nothing-to-lose option. Go ahead and give us a call, our customer service staff will get the process started for you while patiently answering any and all questions you might have. If it’s outside our Monday through Saturday operating hours, use our Contact Form to drop us a line and we’ll be back with you promptly. We look forward to working with you.