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Hello there fellow Novi, MI homeowner. How’s it going? Are you looking for an exterior remodeling company you can safely get to know, learn tons from, and work with over the long-term?

If so, great, you’ve definitely landed on the website of a ‘short list’ name in the area with close to twenty years under our belts.  

Here’s the deal, when it comes to ‘The Mystery of Novi’s name’ there’s lots of interesting grey area to the stories and local folklore, but not when it comes to how people around here like their siding, roofing, windows, doors, and decking. Not much mystery there!

This is why we wanted to create this page, introduce ourselves to you, show you a bit about who we are, and let you know what we offer homeowners like you in your area. 

Let’s start with a handful of questions and answers. 

5 Reasons Our Exterior Remodeling Lifetime Guarantee is the BEST in Novi.

No, we’re not talking about a ‘Lifetime Warranty,’ although the manufacturers we work with are the best in the nation and they offer industry-best warranties. Here’s what we offer ourselves, to you, outside that.

This is one of our favorite questions. We don’t just tell you or market that we stand by lifetime guaranteed products and closing in on twenty years of great customer-review-backed results (hundreds upon hundreds) - we walk the walk. We serve with respect and distinction.

 Because we don’t want to come to the table with one option. While we feel (like millions of others) that fiberglass replacement windows are the best, they’re not ideal for each and every home in Novi. Therefore we also carry vinyl and aluminum clad options which can be less expensive.

Yes we do. We don’t bother with a warranty. Instead, outside damage you cause or acts of God covered by your insurance, for as long as you live in your home, after we install the roof you should never pay another penny for any corrective maintenance, replacements or labor.

Because James Hardie is America’s favorite and most consumer-tested siding manufacturer. One of the reasons for their coast to coast success and popularity, is they design their products to perform regionally (the HardieZone). Our area calls for their strong and durable siding.

We offer three decking packages based on material selection. The first offers decks of treated lumber and/or cedar - lower upfront cost, but more maintenance. The second is Trek’s 1st generation composite and the third offers Deckorator’s next generation mineral decking composite.

The Basic Steps of Our Exterior Remodeling Process

First, you make the move and get in touch. Most give us a call. Our customer service staff will get your basic information so they can network you with the right consultant. If you’re in need of new siding and decking, there’s no reason to send a roofer or one of our windows & doors specialists. 

Our consultants job isn’t to sell. In fact, Performance Remodeling isn’t in business to sell. We’re here to work in an industry we love, doing work we enjoy as people. For you, your project is going to be as unique as you and your home. Therefore your consultant needs to listen, professionally inspect/analyse, and then educate you on the best options/costs to meet your goals and needs. 

Once a clear plan of action is put to paper and contract, your project will be assigned a specialized crew and they will work tirelessly and meticulously until the job is done to your satisfaction. No unskilled labor. No temporary workers. Just certified, highly-vetted, and seasoned Performance Remodeling professionals.

Our Full-Range Exterior Remodeling Services in Novi, MI

If you’re a Novi, MI homeowner doing your research, you have absolutely nothing to lose calling Performance Remodeling. We’re happy to patiently answer all of your questions, address concerns, and help in any way possible. If it’s outside our Monday through Saturday operating hours, feel free to leave a message or use our Contact Form to drop us a line.