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Performance Remodeling has been around (based out of Shelby Township) for closing in on our twenty year anniversary. We know better than most just what kind of weather demands this area puts on the exterior of your home, year in and year out. 

We created this page so you could get to know some of the basics about us, what we’re about, what we offer, and how to take the next step. 

Let’s start with some quick informative Q & A.

5 Important Exterior Home Remodeling Questions & Answers from
Performance Remodeling

There could be 50 questions in this section but we didn’t want to go overboard. We’re as busy as you are. So, this is a small sprinkling from common questions we get regarding our different services and offerings.

We would be delighted to. Unlike so many other exterior remodeling companies, we don’t JUST install one manufacturer, or JUST install this or that specific kind of window. Instead, we work with a wide variety to ensure you get the best windows to suit your situation.

Similar to our unconventional approach to windows, we also decided to offer homeowners four different roofing ‘packages’ - a solid inexpensive option, an option right above that, then levels three and four pile on the benefits and roofing system dynamics.

Performance Remodeling doesn’t operate on estimations, guesswork, or flying by the proverbial seat of our pants. Our quotes are 110% professional, data-backed, precise, and they’re going to be line-by-line specific down to the penny. Yes, quite reliable.

We are first and foremost specialists with James Hardie fiber cement. However, we’re not going to try and sell you on the idea it’s the ideal material for every home in Macomb, MI. This is why we also stand behind high-quality vinyl siding installations as well from two manufacturers..

We sure do! After closing in on twenty years in this industry, we completely and UTTERLY understand the financial aspects. That’s why over the years we’ve partnered with both national and LOCAL financing providers to ensure you have a range of options.

What It’s Like To Work With Us - Smooth, Honest, & Professional

As you know, we can pretty much say anything we want right here. We could tell you that working with us is the most amazing thing in the galaxy, but so what? Where the rubber really meets the road is in our hundreds and hundreds of genuine customer reviews. 

Collected across a variety of different platforms like Google and AngiesList, you can browse them at your leisure and see exactly how people respond to both our process and results.

Here’s a couple highlights. 

  • We’re not perfect. We can’t boast a 100% 5-star rating. But, based on our reviews across all these channels and services we’re sitting at a solid 4.9. Not bad!
  • We’re made of flesh and blood – not bolts and steel. Our PEOPLE are known to be friendly, accommodating, respectful and good at what they do through Performance. 
  • Our process has been through a slow and steady evolution over closing in on two decades, so it’s not haphazard, full of surprises or shaky by any means. 

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