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Are you searching for an experienced, well-known, local, and professional exterior remodeler you can depend on? If so, great, we’re Performance Remodeling and we’d greatly appreciate your consideration. 

After close to twenty years of dedicated service in the SE Michigan & Metro Detroit areas, it’s no surprise to us that between 2000-2010 Commerce has seen 15% population growth. Of course, this is one of the best regions of the country!

However, the weather year in and out can make being a homeowner here challenging. This is why it’s important to get to know who we are, what we offer and how we can help. 

Let’s begin with five simple questions that are common and good to ask any potential exterior remodeler in most cases. 

5 Questions & Answers To Get To Know Us Better - Or Really Any Exterior Remodeler

A variety of things honestly, but one of our most prominent is how we provide a wide array of choices rather than pigeonholing into one specific kind (style, material, manufacturer) of siding, roofing, decking, windows, doors, etc. With us, it’s real, not just a marketing ploy.

Our primary goal, or ethos if you will, is delivering really high long-term reliable value, at reasonable prices, that comes guaranteed for as long as you live in the home (one-time transferable to new owner) to the good people here in the SE Michigan & Metro Detroit areas.

Great question! First, we’re an established company working on our initial 20 years in business (not just the proverbial ‘remodeler and a truck’ situation). Second, we heavily vet our new hires and we’re a great company to work for so we have a relatively small turnover.

Yes, and no. Our roofing installers are certified seasoned professionals (so we can guarantee your new replacement roof), who we pay well, and take great care of. We also are not involved in the hiring of or paying of anyone in any illegal fashion. It’s not our way.

Yes, we do, because we want to be able to offer homeowners both a) the high-end ‘industry best’ siding systems, and b) high-quality, but less expensive, vinyl from proven manufacturers - for us this is PlyGem and CertainTeed who’s been around for over a century.

A Memorable-Reliable Remodeling Process You Can Appreciate

Please, don’t take our word for it. Everything on this page can be verified by browsing our hundreds upon hundreds of 100% genuine customer reviews. Are they all 5-stars? No, we’re not robots (even machines get bad reviews though). But the VAST majority are and our averages all range from 4.5 to 4.9 on different review platforms.

Another thing to note here is that a good percentage of our annual revenue, or in other words what helps keep us going year round, comes from a) repeat customers and b) direct referrals from happy homeowners like you. 

Some of the common themes you’ll come across are that we’re transparent, precise, professional, meticulous with the details, and go way above and beyond to accommodate. All you have to do is reach out and connect with us (risk free, no obligation) and let us know about your exterior remodeling project. 

Our Full-Range Exterior Remodeling Services in Commerce, MI

If you’re a Commerce, MI homeowner you’ve got nothing to lose – simply connect with our Performance Remodeling customer service staff and they’ll get the process started for you. A consultant will come on out to your home and after inspecting the areas of concern and meeting with you, will give you a 100% precise line-by-line quote FOR FREE. It’s that simple. We look forward to hearing from you!