Roof Installation

When It Comes To Installing A New Roof,
Not All Southeast Michigan Roofing Companies Are Created Equal.

Welcome To ‘Every Detail Matters’ Roof Installation

Your roof is your first line of protection for your most important asset – your house.

So when it’s time to replace your roof, it’s essential that you pick a well-qualified Southeast Michigan roofing company that can PROVE it does the job right.

Many homeowners don’t realize that the most important day in the life of their roof is installation day. A roof is a system of materials that need to be installed to the highest standards, so every component works together to prevent roofing problems.

Brand New Slate Roof After Photo

How We Exceed Typical New Roof Installation Standards

Homeowners often ask: if installation is so important, how am I supposed to tell one roof installation company from another?

The key is to ask the right questions. Here are 4 you should ask any Southeast Michigan company that wants to replace your roof:

  • Are you fully licensed, insured, AND certified?
  • Do you use temporary, unskilled laborers to install roofs?
  • Do you clean up after yourself?
  • Do you offer a Lifetime Guarantee (not just a lifetime warranty)?

Here’s Our Answers To Those Questions:

At a bare minimum, always make sure your roofing company is fully licensed and insured. If your roofing company does not have proper insurance, the liability for an accident on your property could fall on you.

You also want to ask about certifications. We have the highest certification level from CertainTeed, one of the most respected and long-lasting roofing manufacturers in the U.S. 

Our SELECT ShingleMaster certification is earned by less than 3% of roofers nationwide. It only goes to roofers that have proven to CertainTeed that they use the highest installation standards and install it to exact manufacturer specifications.  

Some Southeast Michigan roofing contractors fall into the trap of thinking “well, anyone can nail a shingle, right?” They should know better, but they use that excuse to justify hiring temporary, unskilled laborers on the cheap to save on costs.

Bad idea. 

Installing a new roof requires experience and precision if it’s to be done right.

We have experienced, certified roofing crews who know exactly what they’re doing. We have to pay them a bit more, but the results are always worth it.

One other note: we hire everyone ‘above board.’ We feel hiring anyone illegally by paying them “under the table” is exploitative to that person and puts us and the homeowner at risk in the case of a liability situation.

We can pretty much guarantee that every roofing contractor in Southeast Michigan & Metro Detroit is going to say “Yes, of course we clean up after ourselves!”

But here’s the key follow-up question: can you tell me SPECIFICALLY what you do to clean up?

We can tell you that Performance Remodeling takes special steps that homeowners love.

Here’s a specific example: we do a magnetic sweep of the yard and landscaping after EVERY new roof installation that we do. This helps eliminate nails that may have inadvertently dropped during the job. 

This kind of attention to detail is why homeowners give us rave reviews.

Most roofing companies will offer some kind of warranty, but what about a Lifetime Guarantee?

Warranties can be decent protection, but there can be significant problems with them. The fine print often goes on for pages with tons of exclusions and loopholes.

We’re different – we give our customers a Lifetime Guarantee on our top roofing packages. 

All our workmanship is guaranteed for a lifetime, no questions asked. We also back up the materials we install for a lifetime on our top roofing packages. And this guarantee is transferable one-time to a new owner.

Don’t settle for a warranty – get a Lifetime Guarantee.

Do you want a Southeast Michigan roofing company that stands behind its work and has a proven reputation as a stable, fully licensed and insured contractor? That’s us – get your free consultation and quote.