Roof Guarantee

You Can Get A Roof Guaranteed For A Lifetime.

Most SE Michigan Roofing Companies Offer A Warranty…

When you get a new roof, the goal should be to never have to worry about your roof again.

To ease that worry, most roofing companies are going to talk about their warranty.

But the problem with almost all roofing warranties is they have so many exclusions, loopholes, and declining coverage over time that you can’t be sure what’s covered and what’s not.

We have a solution. We have more than just a manufacturer’s warranty – we add our own Lifetime Guarantee.

Here’s Our Lifetime Guarantee On Our Top Roofing Packages:

For as long as you live in your home, you’ll never have to pay another penny on the replacement roof we install. There will never be any charge to correct or replace a defective roof or roof component. There will also be no labor costs associated with any fix or replacement.

The only exceptions to this guarantee would be damage you inflict to the product or ‘Act of God’ storm-type damage – the kind of damage that is typically covered by your homeowners insurance).

This Lifetime Roof Guarantee will be in effect for as long as Performance Remodeling is in business. Keep in mind that we have been in business for well over a decade, are financially stable, and plan on being in business for a long time!

And one additional benefit: should you sell your home, you’re entitled to a one-time transfer to the new owner.

PLEASE NOTE: LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Roofing Packages are not eligible for our Lifetime Guarantee. However, our two most popular packages – Level 3 & Level 4 both come with this fantastic guarantee.

Watch Out For Pro-Rated Coverage On Your Roof Warranty

So many warranties sound wonderful when you read them… until you get to the small print (if you can even read that tiny stuff!).

Sometimes that fine print goes on for page after page, each clause adding another loophole or exclusion.

Things homeowners should be aware of when it comes to the fine print of replacement roof warranties:

 One component of the roof is covered, but others are not.

This is where the percentage amount that will be paid on a warranty claim goes down over time. Day one you have 100% coverage, but the percentage will decline steeply in just a few years.

Many contractors and roofing manufacturers go in and out of business quickly. It’s best to rely on a Metro Detroit roofing company with a decade or more of experience. (Remember, a warranty is only as reliable as the manufacturer and contractor that stands behind it).

If the roofing company says it is a product defect, but the manufacturer says the problem is improper installation, who gets stuck in the middle? You guessed it – you, the homeowner. We eliminate all finger pointing with our Lifetime Guarantee – WE take responsibility.

Eliminate Risk: Choose A SE Michigan Roofer With A REAL GUARANTEE

You can eliminate all these worries by choosing a replacement roof company that stands fully behind the roofs we install. We cover both the roof products AND our workmanship. Choose Performance Remodeling – we’ve got the strongest roofing guarantee possible!

Ready for a roof replacement quote in Southeast Michigan & Metro Detroit? Reach out to us!