Choosing Roof Materials

Roof Replacement With ZERO Stress & ZERO Hassles

Our Difference: SE Michigan Homeowners Can Choose
The Roof Package That Best Meets Needs & Budget

Most Southeast Michigan roof replacement companies don’t give you many choices.

Sure, some will give you a couple of different shingle options, but rarely do they give you a choice of roof replacement packages.

Without real choices, you’re in the position of meeting the needs of the roofer (i.e. – choosing the roof they want to sell you). That’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what should be happening!

A roofing company should be figuring out how to meet YOUR needs by offering a true choice of packages and recommending the best one for you.

Four Packages: We’ve Got The Right Fit For Every Situation


Our Least Expensive Option, Solid Quality


Good Quality Roof, A Step Up From LEVEL 1


Best Value: Top-Quality Materials + Certified Installation + Lifetime Guaranteed All At A Reasonable Price **BONUS – FREE ANNUALLY ROOF INSPECTION UPON REQUEST**


All The Value And Quality Of LEVEL 3, Including The Lifetime Guarantee PLUS Get An Extra Special ‘WOW’ Look For Your Roof **BONUS – FREE ANNUALLY ROOF INSPECTION UPON REQUEST**

Which Roof Replacement Package Is Most Popular?

We’re often asked which roof replacement is most commonly selected. Our package #3 is the most popular, and for good reason.

For most homeowners, it’s the right choice because it is an attractive roof built from durable, top-quality materials from a proven manufacturer. It’s a great long-term value and many homeowners feel it’s the right combination of quality and price for their needs. 

Plus, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for total peace of mind.

Choosing A Replacement Roofer In SE Michigan & Metro Detroit

Believe it or not, the roofer you select is even MORE important than the roofing materials you choose!

The truth is most roofing companies have access to the same materials from the same manufacturers. If many Metro Detroit roofing companies are offering to install similar materials, the real question is… 

Who will do the best job?

Performance Remodeling installs your roof using the highest standards, and we have certified proof. 

Our 100% commitment to precise installation is exactly why we’ve earned the highest certification from CertainTeed. We are SELECT ShingleMaster Certified – a designation awarded to less than 3% of roofers nationwide.

You should also know our overall reputation as a company. Here are facts about Performance Remodeling:


  • A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau
  • Over a decade in the business as a financially stable business, with proper licensing and insurance
  • Hundreds of online reviews from our customers, the overwhelming majority of which are 5-stars (including 200+ Google Reviews!)
  • A true Lifetime Guarantee that is far superior compared to the typical ‘Lifetime Warranty’ (Lifetime Guarantee comes with Level 3 & Level 4 roof packages)
  • We promise NO SUPRISES on your final invoice – you can trust our quotes to be 100% accurate
  • Homeowners love us: 1 in 3 of our jobs is either repeat business or a referral!

Plus, it comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for total peace of mind.

Metal Roofs For Residential Homes In SE Michigan

Many homeowners have discovered that metal roofs are both beautiful and durable, and they continue to grow in popularity.

We have the expertise and experience to install metal roofs on residential homes in Metro Detroit. If this is an option you are considering, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you’re unsure of what you want, we can always show you both our asphalt roofing packages and metal roofing options so you can make an educated decision.

Next Step: Your Free Roof Assessment

Think you may need a replacement roof but want more information? You can take the next risk-free step by calling us for a free roof assessment and quote. Reach out to us.