Homeowners LOVE Our Roofing Guarantee & Choice Of Packages

A PROVEN Roofing Company In SE Michigan & Metro Detroit
That Makes Real Promises – And Keeps Them

If you go to the trouble and expense of replacing your roof, do you ever want to do it again?

No, of course you don’t.

That’s why we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on our top two replacement roof packages.

This guarantee covers both the materials AND the workmanship. If anything fails because of either a product defect or sloppy workmanship, we fix it for free.

This Lifetime Guarantee is so strong it’s valid for as long as you’re in your home. (And it can be transferred one time to a new owner).

For more details, go here to visit our Roofing Guarantee page.

Large Brick Home with Roofing Guarantee

TRUE Choice: Roof Replacement Packages To Meet All Needs & Budgets

Many SE Michigan roofing companies don’t offer you much in the way of choice. Some will offer you a couple of different shingle options, but not much more.

Rarely do they offer you a full range of packages. Instead they will try to squeeze you into THEIR “solution” – whether it meets your needs or not.

We’re different. We offer 4 different packages from Level I all the way up to Level 4.

With our way, your budget, goals, and tastes are what matters. We give you objective information and a professional recommendation tailored specifically to you.

People love this way of buying a replacement roof. (It’s probably why we have hundreds of 5-star reviews all over the internet!).

If you like the idea of being given a true choice and objective information, why not take the next risk-free step and get a free roof assessment and quote?

Get More Information About Roof Replacement In SE Michigan & Metro Detroit

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