Gutters & Gutter Protection

We Guarantee Our Gutters & Gutter Protection For A LIFETIME

Get Best-Quality Gutters & Gutter Protection Installed
For SE Michigan & Metro Detroit Homeowners

The 3 most important things in gutters and gutter protection are:

  • That they direct water safely away from your foundation and basement.
  • That they are durable.
  • And that they don’t detract from the look of your home.

Sadly, many gutter systems FAIL at least one of these tests… and some don’t pass any of them!

But there’s an easy way to eliminate ANY concerns about your gutters or gutter protection: reach out to Performance Remodeling. 

Our gutters and gutter protection are GUARANTEED to work effectively, to be lifetime durable, and to never detract from your home’s curb appeal.

Spiked VS Hidden Hanger on Gutters

Gutter Installation Done Right In Metro Detroit

At Performance Remodeling we have a guiding installation principle: don’t take shortcuts just because it’s cheaper or easier.

For example, when it comes to gutter installation, many contractors choose to use the “spike” method – they simply drive a spike through the front of the gutter to secure it to the home. That makes clogs more likely and doesn’t properly balance the weight of the gutter. 

Spike Method

Spiked Gutters

Clips & Hangers Method

Hidden Hanger Gutter System

We have a much better method. We use clips and hidden hangers instead of spikes. This means none of the installation hardware is inside the gutter – it leaves it wide open to help eliminate clogs. This hidden hanger installation method also keeps the weight of the gutter balanced and distributed evenly.

Choose the gutter company in SE Michigan that installs gutters the right way.

Select The Right Size Gutter For Your Roof Pitch

Some gutter companies put zero thought into what size gutter to recommend. While it’s true that the standard 5-inch gutter width is appropriate for many homes, that’s not always the case. Depending how steep your roof is, you may need a 6-inch option. 

That’s why we’ll always carefully analyze your roof and gutters before recommending the gutter product that best meets your needs.

This Is Gutter Protection Done Right

Cheap, do-it-yourself gutter protection usually doesn’t work. You often end up more frustrated with the gutter protection than you were with cleaning out your gutters.

The solution is to choose a pro-level gutter protection system and have it installed by a proven company like Performance.

We have several gutter protection options and we’ll recommend a solution that meets your specific needs. Different types of gutter protections work better with particular kinds of debris – we’ll match you with what works best with the trees around your home. 

We Install:

Leaf X

Leaf Relief

Leaf Shelter

And A Lifetime Guarantee, Too

Here’s the best part of choosing Performance Remodeling for your gutter needs: we give you a Lifetime Guarantee on gutters and gutter protection. 

Our guarantee is much stronger than Limited Lifetime Warranties because we don’t have a bunch of loopholes and exclusions. 

For as long as you’re in your home, we’ll fix any problem you have with gutters or gutter protection that we install. This guarantee is also transferable one-time to a new owner.

Performance Remodeling is an A+ rated company with tons of awesome online reviews. We’ve been in business since 2006 and we are fully licensed and insured. We’re the risk-free choice and all our gutter products and workmanship come with a Lifetime Guarantee.