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Who Else Offers A Comprehensive Lifetime Guarantee
On Garage Doors In SE Michigan & Metro Detroit?


Truth be told, most garage door installation companies would say we’re nuts to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the garage doors we install.

They’ve told us we’ll lose our shirt and be flooded with service calls.

Well… we’ve been in business for 14+ years and so far the sky hasn’t fallen because of our guarantee.

So we’re sticking with our Lifetime Guarantee, even though we don’t know of a single other company in the country that is willing to stand so strongly and completely behind their garage door installations and products.

Clopay Garage Doors = Terrific Quality + Superb Curb Appeal

One big reason we can offer such a great guarantee is the amazing quality of garage doors we install. Our doors are manufactured locally in our region (Ohio) by Clopay, a nationally known and proven brand.

We sell more of their garage doors and entry doors combined than any other company in the country, and that partnership means we get absolute top service and quick responses to solving any product issues.

Another advantage of choosing Performance Remodeling for your garage door is this:

Because of our close working relationship with Clopay, they will send their own expert to make sure the measurements are perfect before your garage door is ordered. This is the best way to make sure you get the perfect door.

Style, Beauty, & Selection: Beautiful Garage Doors In SE Michigan

Some people underestimate how much the garage door adds or subtracts from the appearance of a home. But if you think about it, a garage door is a big part of the exterior of your home. We have the choices to match your home (and if you choose a Clopay Entry Door from us, we can match it exactly!).

We offer multiple materials for garage doors, and also have non-insulated (economical choice) to insulated (helps with energy efficiency and comfort of your garage).

Here is a small selection of our beautiful choices:

And We Have Any Kind Of Garage Door Opener You Want

We’re true garage door experts and can help you find any garage door opener you want. Anything from the traditional opener all the way up to the latest technology through your phone that can send you security alerts if your door is open.

More About The Best Lifetime Guarantee On Garage Doors In The Country

Here’s a little more about our Lifetime Guarantee on garage doors and what makes it so strong:

We cover everything having to do with your garage door, including even the springs.

If you would get a garage door through a big box store or another contractor, you’ll likely get a 2-year warranty on springs – at most. No one wants to guarantee them longer than that (no one but us that is). 

Most garage door warranties are also very limited when it comes to workmanship guarantees, too. You’ll get a couple of years of coverage at most.

Our Lifetime Guarantee covers every part and all our workmanship for as long as you’re in your home, and it is transferable one-time to a new owner. The only exceptions would be an ‘act of God’ type situation that is typically covered by homeowner insurance or damage inflicted by you (for example, if your teenager accidentally drives into it, that’s not covered by our guarantee!).

We challenge you to find another garage door installation company in the Metro Detroit area that comes close to the comprehensiveness of our Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t find one!

Your Next Step…

If you want more information on garage door replacement, why not schedule our free, no-obligation consultation and quote? It’s a friendly way to get more information, and we can give you an exact quote.