Entry Doors

Beautiful Entry Doors With A Lifetime Guarantee

Awesome Selection Of Entry Doors For SE Michigan Homes

The key to getting an entry door that you love is finding a door company that has both a WIDE selection of doors PLUS the knowledge and experience to recommend the right door for you.

Performance Remodeling is the solution: we’re an A+ rated company that’s been serving SE Michigan and Metro Detroit for 14+ years.

We’re also the company that gives you peace of mind: we have elite-quality door installers and we also give you a Lifetime Guarantee that’s transferable up to one-time to a new owner.

This Lifetime Guarantee on entry doors we install is MUCH better than your typical door warranty. Warranties come with a lot of loopholes, exclusions, and exceptions. Our guarantee is much more comprehensive: if anything is defective with the door or the workmanship, we fix it. And we do it for free for as long as you’re in your home. (It’s also transferable once to a new owner).

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Lots Of Beautiful Entry Door Choices For SE Michigan Homes

Some entry door companies serving Metro Detroit sell only one kind of door material or only have doors from one manufacturer.

That’s not our way – we believe in a wide selection, so we can give you objective pros and cons of any door you are considering.

We prefer this to trying to oversell or hype one line of entry doors and having to talk bad about every other kind. You deserve objective information and real choices, not a salesperson with an agenda to sell only one kind of door.

We have both fiberglass entry doors and steel entry doors. The fiberglass doors have both smooth skin and wood grain options and we also have custom painting and custom staining options available for your doors. We can match the appearance you want!

All our doors are from proven manufacturers known for the beauty and quality of their doors:




The Right Hardware & Other Accessories Made Easy

If you go to a big-box home improvement store to pick out an entry door, you’ll typically run into associates who don’t know much about doors (if you can even find someone to help you!).

If you need help picking out the most attractive, most secure, and most durable hardware or other accessories, doing it through a big box store can get really challenging. 

We make it SO much easier. We’ll provide expert guidance – you’ll never feel like you’re left on your own to sort through all those hardware decisions.

Another Thing That Makes Us Different

There’s a lot of door companies in SE Michigan that would be happy to come out and measure your door and offer to replace it. But many of them will want to charge you for a door that they say is “not standard size.”

We don’t do that. Many times a door will need to be customized slightly because it doesn’t exactly match what are considered industry standard sizes. We’ll install the door to fit YOUR entry door opening exactly, but we won’t charge you extra for it.

You won’t ever get nickel and dimed by us!

Your Next Step

If you are shopping for an entry door in SE Michigan and Metro Detroit, we’re the best choice. With our experience, selection, and especially our Lifetime Guarantee, you’ll love the results.