Performance Remodeling Case Study – Walker


‘The Best Company I’ve Ever Seen’

After Multiple Projects On 2 Different Homes,
Performance Has Earned Darlene Walker’s Loyalty

Before finding Performance Remodeling, Darlene Walker hadn’t had much luck finding a contractor she could trust.

For example, several years back, Darlene had a roof replacement done by another company and it did not go well.

“They charged way too much and then they did a horrible job,” she said. “They didn’t put flashing around the chimney – there were so many things they did wrong.”

Worst of all, the company had been recommended by the city as reputable, but Darlene couldn’t find them when she started having problems just a short time later.

She remembered a good experience she’d had with Performance Remodeling on a garage door replacement, so she called and asked if they could come take a look at the faulty roof.

“They charged less and did it right,” she said.


With our Lifetime Guarantee, we get the job done right the first time. There’s no stress and no games.

One of Darlene’s favorite things about Performance Remodeling is that they have always dealt with her honestly.

Over the years she’s had a bunch of projects completed by Performance on 2 different houses: garage door replacement, new siding, roof work, window replacement, gutter guards and more.

“They don’t talk condescendingly,” she said. “Every time I’ve done business with them everything is straightforward. They’re the best company I’ve ever seen.”

She always requests the same consultant to come out and speak to her about any work she needs done, The two of them have built up a lot of trust over the years.

“I like that when I call, I can always ask for the same person and that’s who comes and talks to me,” Darlene said.

She added that it’s great that Performance Remodeling has such a stable team – it’s why she can always be sure she is getting the same person to talk with.


We’re a stable company, with 14+ years in business and over 1,000 5-star reviews online. Homeowners have peace of mind that we’re a trusted company with a proven track record.

Darlene has had good installation day experiences across the board with Performance Remodeling.

“They’re polite. They’re conscientious about what they’re doing. They clean up after themselves,” she said.

As evidence of the quality of installation, Darlene mentioned that Performance Remodeling did a siding replacement for her and that it still looks great today.

“We’ve had some really high winds at the house,” she said. “That siding has never budged.”


Our installers are certified, experienced experts that install products to the highest standards. They are also polite communicators who respect you and your property.

The bottom line for Darlene is that she is relieved to have a contractor she can trust.

“I’ve had other companies take advantage of me but that’s not how they operate,” she said. “I won’t have anybody else work on my house.”


We keep our promises and inspire loyalty with homeowners. You’ll never have to worry about shady contractors or shoddy workmanship ever again.

“I won’t have anyone else work on my home.” – DARLENE WALKER

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