How To Stop Playing “Warranty Roulette” – FOREVER.

Did you ever notice that any time something big or expensive breaks it almost always ends up feeling like you’re playing “Warranty Roulette”?

While the details can vary, we’re guessing your overall warranty experiences probably look a lot like this:

After something breaks or stops working, first you think: ‘do I have a warranty on this?’

Then… ‘how long ago did I buy it?’ And ‘how do I even go about filing a claim?’

All these questions lead to the next step, the ‘Warranty Wild Goose Chase.’ And that probably sounds something like this:

“Honey, do you remember where we put that warranty?”

“Maybe it’s in that folder… or wait, no… it’s probably in that box in the basement.”

“Or it could be in an email attachment from 3 years ago – but that’s probably deleted by now.”

“Maybe we could just find the warranty details listed online… but then we’ll still have to figure out when we bought it.”

Then, if you’re lucky enough to find the warranty, you have MAYBE, at best, a 50/50 chance that you’re actually covered. There’s usually so many loopholes or exclusions that you can never be sure.

In the end, it pretty much feels exactly like you’ve been on a game show specifically designed to torture you: “Thanks for playing Warranty Roulette, better luck next time!”

But here’s some good news: it does not have to be this way.

Our answer to ‘Warranty Roulette’ is simple, complete, and honest: it’s our LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

We Have The Best Lifetime Guarantee In SE Michigan Home Remodeling

We truly have the best home improvement guarantee, and one of the greatest things about it is how simple and easy we make it. 

If anything goes wrong with anything we’ve installed – whether it is a product defect or a workmanship issue – call us and we’ll come fix it. For as long as you’re in your home. And for free.

There will be no need to hunt for a warranty. You won’t have to figure out when you purchased it. If it was installed by Performance Remodeling, call us and we come take care of it. PERIOD.

No games. No BS. No ‘Warranty Roulette’ ever again.

Here Are The Details Of Our Lifetime Guarantee:

Our Lifetime Guarantee: For as long as you live in your home, you’ll never have to pay another penny on any product* we install. There will never be any charge to correct or replace a defective product and there will be no labor costs associated with any fix or replacement.

(The only exceptions to this guarantee would be damage you inflict to the product or ‘Act of God’ storm-type damage – the kind of damage that is typically covered by your homeowners insurance). 

This guarantee will be in effect for as long as Performance Remodeling is in business. Keep in mind that we have been in business for well over a decade, are financially stable, and plan on being in business for a long time! (You should also know that you can transfer this warranty one-time to a new owner).

So… do you want to hunt for your warranty only to find out “that’s not covered”?

Or do you want a true Lifetime Guarantee?

*Our lower priced roofing packages have some guarantee restrictions, and our guarantee on decks also has a few limitations. Your consultant will clearly explain all this during your initial appointment.