4 Ways Replacement Windows Boost Home Efficiency And Raise The Quality of Life In Your Metro Detroit Home

Quality replacement windows that are professionally installed, can improve the lives of Metro Detroit homeowners in several ways. Some of the benefits will save you money, some will help you relax in your home, and others will protect you, your family and your home from harm. Here are 4  specific ways replacement windows can Improve the quality of life inside your home.

You Get More Consistent Indoor Temperatures

Most window installers and remodelers won’t tell you this, but maintaining a  consistent indoor temperature can save you TONS of cold hard cash. The last thing you want is to have your HVAC system fighting the constant to overcome temperature fluctuations that are occurring outside but are leaking inside due to low quality windows. .

A leaky or single-pane window isn’t all that different from an open window when it comes to its effect on the temperature in your home. Warm and cold air will move through them almost as easily as if there was just an open hole in your wall.

With a properly installed high-quality window, the barrier to hot/cold air transfer becomes fact not fiction. There is nowhere for the air to get around your window or the frame, and the multi-paned glass keeps outdoor temps where they belong – outdoors.

Your Energy Footprint Will Get Smaller

After you’ve had Performance Remodeling install premium fiberglass windows, you’ll see an initial spike in energy savings. Your energy bill will continue a slow downward trend as your indoor temperature becomes more stable and your HVAC system runs less often. All of this helps to decrease your carbon footprint and make your home a more efficient and environmentally friendly part of your community.

The Quality Of Your In-Home Experience Increases!

Not only will your HVAC system be silent more often than not, but you’ll also be enjoying a much quieter neighborhood. All that increased insulation and multi-paned protection against outdoor temperatures also acts to keep sound from traveling easily through your windows.

The sounds of bouncing balls and passing traffic have no chance of getting through all that protection. You’ll find yourself basking in near silence while enjoying a steady and perfect room temperature in no time.


Decrease UV Exposure with Treated Window Glass

UV light is actually an invisible and low-grade form of radiation that produces effects on your property and your family by chemically altering whatever it touches[1].

High-quality fiberglass windows come with multiple coats of a special film called Low-E that adds UV protection to the glass area. The Low-E coating filters out the UV rays without dimming the natural light coming into your home. This has several helpful effects on you, your family and the interior of your home. 

According to the EPA, UV rays can have harmful effects such as:

  • Skin cancer
  • Skin damage
  • Premature aging of the skin
  • Eye damage such as cataracts
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Color fading of furniture, carpet, and wall hangings
  • Damage to hardwood flooring 

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area and want a quieter, more comfortable, and safer indoor experience, we’d love to help. Just give us a call at Performance Remodeling and we’ll be happy to go over the options that best fit your home and your budget. Contact us today!


*Our lower priced roofing packages have some guarantee restrictions, and our guarantee on decks also has a few limitations. Your consultant will clearly explain all this during your initial appointment.