If We Had Higher Profit Margins, It Would Kill Our Business

With Our Iron-Clad Lifetime Guarantee, We Can’t Afford Inferior Materials Or Cheap Labor

In any business, the higher the profit margins, the healthier the company, right?

That sounds logical, but it’s actually not that simple.

The problem is that sometimes those higher profits come at a cost later.

This happens when some home remodeling companies in SE Michigan choose to pad profit margins at the expense of their customers.

These contractors use inferior products and unqualified installers to save on expenses, but those shoddy practices make it certain that you’ll have problems later.

We could NOT do business like that, even if we wanted to (which we don’t).

Our Lifetime Guarantee Makes It IMPOSSIBLE For Us To Cut Corners

Because we have the strongest guarantee of any SE Michigan home remodeling company, it would be a complete disaster if we tried to cut corners with lousy products and cheap labor.

We stand behind the products we install and all our workmanship with an iron-clad Lifetime Guarantee. For as long as you’re in your home, we will take care of any product defect or workmanship issue without charge*. (And this Lifetime Guarantee is transferable one-time to a new owner).

So with that kind of guarantee, can you guess what would happen if we used materials that didn’t last a lifetime?

Or hired temporary laborers who weren’t expert installers?

We’d spend pretty much ALL our time answering unpaid service calls to fix sloppy work or replace junk products. It would be a nightmare. 

Instead of increasing our business with new projects, we’d spend all our time and resources fixing old problems without generating any income.

And that would kill our business completely.

We’re Proof That Home Contractors Don’t Have To Pad Profits To Be Successful

Here’s the great thing we’ve discovered (that we kind of knew all along anyway):

You do NOT have to cheat on quality to be a profitable and successful company.

We’ve grown into one of the largest and most financially stable companies serving SE Michigan and Metro Detroit – and we did it all by doing things the RIGHT WAY:

  • We only use products manufactured for lifetime quality.
  • Our installers are certified experts with deep experience.
  • If something does go wrong, we ALWAYS honor our Lifetime Guarantee promise – it’s why local homeowners trust us.

Doing things this way – the right way – has led directly to our success, including:

  • 1,000+ Five Star reviews all over the internet.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 1 out of every 3 jobs is either a repeat customer or a referral.

With so many jobs coming from referrals and repeat business, it keeps our costs to get new customers down, which means we can keep our prices reasonable, even with our amazing quality.

Our growth also helps keep our costs down because of the economies of scale – we can negotiate better pricing with distributors and manufacturers.

This Way Is A LOT Better Because Everyone Is Happier

Our promise to GUARANTEE everything we do for a LIFETIME is a far better way to have a successful business than trying to squeeze every penny out of every job.

The other way leads to frustrated customers, poor long-term value, and headaches for everyone.

Our way means happy, lifetime customers and a healthy, thriving business for us. (We also sleep like babies knowing we do right by our customers).

Would you like to be our next happy customer? You can get a free quote to improve your home now.

*Our lower priced roofing packages have some guarantee restrictions, and our guarantee on decks also has a few limitations. Your consultant will clearly explain all this during your initial appointment.