How We Finally Earned The Right To Sell America’s Best Window

For nearly the last 10 years, we wanted to offer Infinity Windows from Marvin to our customers.

It’s truly a window of extraordinary quality and durability, not to mention the most attractive window you’ll ever see.

But the problem was, Infinity from Marvin really wouldn’t give us the time of day.

To understand why, you first need to understand how different Infinity from Marvin is from the typical window manufacturer.

Why Infinity from Marvin Is So Picky About Who They Let Sell Their Windows

The typical window manufacturer looks for as many places and ways to sell their windows as possible. And in some ways, there’s nothing wrong with that – most businesses want to sell as much as they can wherever they can.

But Infinity from Marvin takes a different approach because of how dedicated they are to quality. The manufacturing standards of their windows are so high, they don’t want just anyone representing and installing them. 

For example, they don’t sell their windows through big-box retailers. (Show us another window manufacturer that would turn down the chance to be distributed nationally in those stores!).

They’re also very selective about what companies and contractors they will authorize to sell and install their windows.

Why does Infinity from Marvin choose to do business like this?

Because they value their reputation and quality over indiscriminate profits. This is a family-run business for 100+ years – they are now on the 5th generation with the same family leadership.

They’re made in the USA and their quality control standards are through the roof.

For example: Infinity from Marvin did a 10-year study of their windows and the research confirmed a failure rate of .003 on their products. You read that right – point ZERO ZERO THREE!

We can tell you that’s unheard of – it’s crazy low. At Performance Remodeling, we deal with several top-quality window manufacturers and we can tell you that even the very best window makers cannot match that kind of near perfection.

With this dedication to quality, Infinity from Marvin doesn’t want sloppy installation to ruin their reputation, so they are very particular about choosing partners.

But Why Wouldn’t Infinity from Marvin Let Us Sell & Install Their Windows?

As we said, we reached out to Infinity from Marvin several times over the better part of a decade.

We’d run into them at Builder Shows and ask about being allowed to carry and install their windows.

We made phone calls to their offices with the same request.

Emails, too.

And the answer was always something along the lines of “no” or “don’t call us, we’ll call you” or no response at all.

The problem wasn’t that they thought we were a bad company, it’s just that we didn’t yet have a proven enough track record. 

Remember, Infinity from Marvin is a company that’s been around for more than a century. At the time, our track record of a small handful of years was nothing to them.

But we kept trying, and one day unexpectedly Infinity from Marvin reached out to us. 

Were we still interested?

You bet we were.

What changed Infinity from Marvin’s mind?

Well by now we were a company in business for 14+ years, with over a thousand 5 star reviews online, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a reputation as a company that stood behind everything we do with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Exactly the kind of company that Infinity from Marvin wanted to do business with. We now had the proven experience they were looking for.

What Happened After Infinity from Marvin Finally Agreed To Let Us Sell Their Windows?

The call from Infinity from Marvin inviting us to represent their windows came in late winter 2019, so it’s only been a few months as of this writing. 

But soon after that phone call, Infinity from Marvin was impressed that we immediately had 2 homeowners who wanted Infinity from Marvin windows before the ink was dry on the contract.

And since then we’ve sold and installed lots more Infinity from Marvin windows and everyone is happy:

  • Infinity from Marvin is happy they are selling more windows and, more importantly, they’ve found a contractor partner they can trust to install them correctly.
  • We’re happy to offer our customers the window that we believe is ‘pound for pound’ the best window in America.
  • Our customers are happy to have lifetime windows of extraordinary beauty and quality on their homes.

A win-win-win and a happy ending to this story.

Are You Interested In Discovering More About Infinity from Marvin Windows?

As you can tell, we’re very enthusiastic about Infinity from Marvin Windows. We think it’s the best window in America, and here’s why:

  • It is hands down the most attractive window you’ll ever see.
  • The amount of glass and viewing area is tremendous. (The frame is made from fiberglass, which is so strong it can hold more glass with less material – it’s much better than vinyl).
  • Infinity from Marvin is so meticulous about quality, it’s almost beyond belief. Their dedication to quality matches perfectly with our philosophy of installing products that give our customers the best Lifetime value.

Would you like a free quote and consultation demonstrating the benefits of Infinity from Marvin windows? Reach out to us.