The Trust Factor

Big Enough To Give You Confidence You’re Dealing With True Pros…
But Small Enough For That Family-Run Personal Feel…

Here’s How You Know If You Can Truly Trust Your SE Michigan & Metro Detroit Home Remodeler

Improving your home should be something that excites you. After all, you’re improving what is likely your most treasured possession and making it better and more beautiful. 

So, why would many homeowners feel anxious about a home remodeling project?

It’s because they don’t know who to trust. 

And that’s not their fault. 

To be blunt, the blame falls squarely on contractors. Not all of them, of course, but the ones that fail to follow-up, fail to act professionally, fail to respond to legitimate concerns about sloppy work, and use high pressure tactics to oversell their products and services.

Again, that’s not all of them – but those descriptions apply to way too many of them.

We Eliminate Unprofessional Experiences And Inferior Results

Performance Remodeling is different from all that – and that’s 100% by design. 

Instead of being one of those “Chuck and his Truck” businesses with a single owner and no office, we’ve built a fully professional team to serve you better. (It also allows us to have more purchasing power and to get better pricing from manufacturers and distributors).

But we’re also not one of those national companies that are so big they have to pay tons of overhead for bloated sales and marketing teams (they pass those costs on to you – it has to come from somewhere). And if you need help down the line, you often have to call 1-800-NO-WHERE-I’VE-HEARD-OF and hope someone will listen.

We fit right in the sweet spot – not so small that we’ll fail in 5 years and have literally no customer service… but also not so big that we charge outrageous prices and provide impersonal service.

The Big 7 Non-Negotiable Trust Factors… Don’t Do Business With Any Home Remodeling Company That Can’t Meet These Standards:

If trust is the #1 issue with homeowners hiring a home improvement company in SE Michigan & Metro Detroit, how can you know when you’ve found a good one? Here’s a TRUST FACTOR checklist:

A “company” that is one guy, his truck, and whatever temporary laborers he can round up for whatever job he snags is a recipe for disappointing results. Some of these small companies have good intentions, but not enough professionalism and long-range planning to stay in business and do consistently good work.

#1 Always make sure the company you hire is well-established and has a real team that can professionally manage your project.

There are some really big companies out there that have lost the personal touch. You’ll call them and have to fight your way through a phone tree, and you can never find a specific person willing to be accountable for helping you. We’re family run and family owned, and the owner WANTS to hear feedback from you – good or bad. We’re accountable to all our customers.

#2 Always make sure the company you hire is service-oriented and has a local owner who cares about his company’s reputation.

It’s a sad fact, but most home remodeling companies in Southeast Michigan and across the country are out of business in 5 years or less. The statistics don’t lie. For a homeowner to feel confident that a company is going to be there for them down the line, you should find a well-established, financially stable company.

#3 Always make sure the company you hire has been in business for at least a decade.

Most homeowners are never told the difference between a Lifetime Warranty and a Lifetime Guarantee. The details of lifetime warranties vary, but most of them have so many loopholes, exclusions, and declining coverage that you can’t rely on it. Our Lifetime Guarantee is complete, and even covers workmanship for a lifetime.

#4 Always make sure the company you hire has a TRUE lifetime guarantee that covers both the product and the workmanship.

In today’s world, it’s getting harder for inferior SE Michigan & Metro Detroit home improvement companies to hide. They start accumulating bad reviews (and get very few good ones). There are tons of review sites available for you to check out. While any company can have the rare sub-standard review, an excellent company will have hundreds of 5-star reviews online.

#5 Always make sure the company you hire has LOTS of 5-star reviews. Google Reviews are a particularly reliable and independent source of information.

If you want to choose a high-quality contractor, the Better Business Bureau is a good source of factual information about a company.

#6 Always make sure the company you hire is A+ Rated with the BBB.

Here’s a big issue in home improvement that isn’t talked about nearly enough: many home remodeling companies are fixated on selling you the product that THEY want to sell – not necessarily the best product for your situation. It’s a one-size fits all approach that doesn’t serve homeowners well. A better way is to find a company that does true needs assessment, has a wide selection of products, and recommends the best fit for you.

#7 Always make sure the company you hire offers multiple solutions and is committed to helping you find the right one for YOU.

What’s Your Next Step?

If you’re considering calling a company for a quote, make sure they meet all 7 Non-Negotiable Trust Factor requirements. We do. Reach out to us for a free consultation and quote.