The RIGHT Solution

Forget ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Solutions – THEY DON’T EXIST.

Here’s How To Get The Best Remodeling Products Installed On Your
SE Michigan & Metro Detroit Home (But Without Breaking The Bank)

What if there was a home improvement company that actually LISTENED TO YOU and then took the time to give you a professional recommendation based on your specific home, tastes, and budget?

Sounds unusual, right?

Well, it IS unusual … but it shouldn’t be.

Here’s the problem with typical companies:

Most home improvement contractors decide on a particular product line or manufacturer to sell and then put all their efforts in pushing that “solution” as the best for every home.

For example, many window replacement companies in the Metro Detroit area ONLY offer one particular line of vinyl windows – you won’t be offered fiberglass choices or even other kinds of vinyl windows. This narrow focus forces them to “pump up” their window and trash talk all their competitor’s windows.

Sorry, but that’s pure baloney.

Every home improvement product has pros and cons, and what REALLY matters is making the decision that is the best long-term value for your particular situation.

We Do It Differently (And It’s WHY Homeowners Absolutely Love Our Results)

Performance Remodeling is different and that’s not an accident – it’s 100% on purpose. 

We choose to carry multiple material choices and different manufacturers for each product category we offer. And we mean real choices, not just different options within the same line of products. 

What’s great about that is we feel no obligation to get “pushy” and shove you into a one-size-fits all “solution” with a lot of hyped up claims. Instead, we can give our customers true, objective information, and our best recommendation based on your needs.

Highlights Of Our Unique Approach To Matching You Up With The Best Product

  • We have a WIDE variety of choices and options within each product category, whether it’s windows, roofing, siding, or other services (You can go here to see a list of our services).
  • We provide objective information on the strengths AND weaknesses of each choice so the decision can be yours. Companies that limit their offerings are forced to “pump up” what they sell, and then talk bad about every other competitor.
  • We’ll give you as much guidance as you want, but without overwhelming you. You’ll never feel at a loss or that you don’t have the information you need to make an educated decision.
  • Our flexibility with our offerings means we can match different budgets and situations (and we have lots of financing options, too!).
  • We will politely ask you for the sale after giving you information, but we promise not to use high-pressure sales tactics or play ‘bait-and-switch’ pricing games. (We don’t need to, because we’re there to educate you, not dominate you).

Reasonable Prices + Awesome Long-Term Value

With Performance Remodeling, you’re guaranteed to get top-quality lifetime products but that doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

We keep our prices reasonable by design. Fair prices on great products is something homeowners love and that’s how we’ve grown to be a financially stable home improvement company in business for 14+ years.

We also have lots of financing options – we can find you affordable monthly payments that fit comfortably in your monthly budget.

Sometimes people ask us if we will be the absolute cheapest option. 

Here’s our answer:

If you look hard enough, you can always find someone willing to sacrifice quality and long-term value for a cheaper price up front. We won’t try to match them because we can’t afford to sell and install junk products. (If we did that, we could not offer our real Lifetime Guarantee, which we do on every project).

That said, if you do an apples-to-apples comparison on the same products installed by experts, we WILL have the best price.

The bottom line: If you want lifetime home products that are a tremendous long-term value, Performance Remodeling is the best home improvement choice in Southeast Michigan & Metro Detroit.